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The Joker: Born a little over 35 years ago, spending the last 12 in Berlin, it took me quite a while to find my "place in BDSM". Until I found out, that also there everything can be easier with a smile. And ropes. And music.
Rope nerd, control fetishist, sarcasm sadist.




Rope and MusicJoker WS

"You slowly enter
'Cause you know my room
And then crawl your knees off
Before you shake my tomb"
("You've seen the butcher", Deftones)

Music. It's more or less everywhere. As soundscape at parties. Purposely chosen in our livingrooms and bedrooms. As a melody in our
heads and as lyrics on our lips. Sometimes we us it to create a certain mood, sometimes we can hardly not hear it if it's not meeting our expectations.
During this workshop we will play with different ways to utilise music. As a catalyst for moods, as a metronome for our playing, as a stimulant or relaxation technique. Originally this workshop evolved in the bondage context, but previous knowledge isn't necessarily required. If you have please bring your own ropes, 2 to 3 will be more than enough. There will be a small amount of ropes, but depending on the number of participants they won't last for everyone. But even if you don't have/get ropes: this workshop is aimed at everyone who wants to incorporate music into their playing more consciously, no matter if with or without ropes.






Photo: © The Joker