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Frank T. is a self-defense teacher who has been practicing various martial arts since 1984 and runs his own school. He has majored in both philosophy and German philology; for his master’s degree he wrote his thesis on “Prejudices”. Additionally, Frank has had more than 20 years of practical experience with BDSM. Since 2005 he has been holding numerous workshops both in Germany and internationally. With Playfighting and Rough Body Play he developed his own and unique approach to bring together his passion for martial arts, self-defense and playful BDSM-fighting.

Austrian Sheila Crux, Frank’s partner in crime since 2011, has a diverse bodywork background – she practices Shiatsu, martial arts, breath work and dance and is a contact communication trainer. As an adventurer with body and soul she climbs mountains, flies hang-gliders and is trained in technical & cave diving and whitewater rescue techniques. Sheila has two decades of experience with BDSM under her belt and regularly teaches workshops on Rough Body Play, water wrestling, Playfighting, breath control and female dominance, both nationally and internationally.

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In their development of BodyPlay over the last years, Frank & Sheila have worked out approaches to physical play, which are in many regards unique. The two experienced workshop leaders blend elements of BDSM, PlayFighting and Martial Arts – and discuss fundamental philosophical concepts of lust and corporeality in intense and witty ways.

For this year's Xplore, Frank & Sheila present a potpourri of their most popular workshop-techniques to access often unknown spheres of lust. BodyPlay as mindful full-body-contact-sensuality, allows us to experience our bodies in a powerful and vibrant way. These physical confrontations may compare to a sensual pillowfight or the playful fighting between puppies – but it may as well convey the calm power and security of a tight embrace. Communication, safety and consensuality are key topics.




Photo: © Mika Wißkirchen