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Saskia - Free love activist, initiator, Coach, International Teacher, Orgy researcher, community founder, mother, sister, friend, lover, teacher, muse, ... and much more.
Develops and manages since 2009 experimental workshops and realms of experience on topics such as love, relationship, sexuality and self-knowledge.
Center of work: perception and solution of conditioning and the development of a liberal and sensual self.

Konstantin - Born in 1969 in Cologne as Aquarius with Greek roots. Scientist, love activist, Communard and free spirit.
Many years of practical experience with Community building and intensive analysis of performance art and group dynamics.
For more than 20 years in the empirical exploration of love and sexuality in the form of experimental seminars, workshops, and happenings of all kinds.
Co-initiator of the "Berlin Network for Art of Love". Currently, together with Saskia building a new community, including an events center on a farm in southern Berlin.




An Other OrgySaskia WS

Most people have more or less pronounced orgy fantasies.

In such fantasy-worlds the erotic paradise, the orgy, appears as an unpredictable, vibrant field of sensuality and devotion which is practically perfect.

Some people even manage a real experience of an orgy at home to fifth / sixth or sex parties within larger groups. However, in most cases, the real experience does not almost reach the opulent, profound-mysterious and paradisaical picture of our orgy fantasies.

The erotic chain reaction in which all parts are connected to each other or even merge into a mystical union, does not happen. Thus, reality often disappointed.

How could we therefore build a setting that meets the opulence, sensuality and depth of our orgy fantasies? Is it possibe at all? How would a paradise orgy look? And how would it feel?

In an erotically-experimental setting we want to approach these questions




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