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Linda Priha is an independent artist working in the fields of dance, performance art and experiential performances in Finland and abroad. She has graduated with a Master of Arts from the dance department at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. Linda’s life on stage and outside it includes bodily encounter practices; shaking, spiralling and weight giving; erotica and the politics of intimacy; and investing in the gaps and in fearless failure. She works in collectives, makes her own work and works as a guest teacher and dancer. She works in studios, on stage, in clubs, in the streets, in nature…




Body Hair ClinicLinda WS

Body hair and facial hair are strongly connected to our identity, especially gender. Excessive body hair is also connected to more animalistic energy and sexuality and for this reason is often taboo or provides material for fantasies.

In the hair clinic you are invited to confront your ideas about body hair and facial hair, to play with your fears and fantasies and to indulge yourself in a body hair transformation. The happening consists of intimate meetings (1-3 people at the time) with the hair therapist who helps you to work on your hair issues.

Hair clinic is a concept that Linda developed in connection to a Reality Research Centre Queer up! project in 2014-2015. Queer Up! studied, played with and challenged the different gender and sexuality roles.


The Body Hair Clinic is located in the CONSTRUCTION / DECONSTRUCTION space.
Linda will make three appointments per day for her workshop:
At 17:00 / 17:20 and 17:40 on each day of the festival

Please register at the Festival's BOXOFFICE.  You can register as a single, a couple or a trio (1-3 people at one session - that means: a minimum of 9, max. 27 persons can have the chance of the Body Hair Clinic experience)














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