Heading for New Shores

pt9The twelfth edition of xplore Berlin brings a renewal and expansion of the original recipe. As we will lose the schwelle7 space in Uferstrasse by the end of the year, we wish to realize a very big xplore this time, which provides inspiration, challenge and pleasure for a maximum of participants.
We have therefore decided to move the festival to the premises of Alte Börse Marzahn, which offers enough space for a program twice the previous size. In addition to the usual 42 different workshops on the art of lust we will install three more permanent spaces that are dedicated to open play and interactive concepts:

- a MASSAGE EXCHANGE where you can trade all kind of massages and bodywork as well as bondage sessions. All day long and under the guidance of several experts.

- a SILENT SPACE that offers a concentrated frame for intense play of all kinds in a soundscape that is produced live by some fabulous musicians, inspired by the concept of our new moon party OCEAN OF OTHER

- a remake of the KINGDOM project, a participatory performance by Felix Ruckert which consists of a parallel world, structured by dominant-submissive role play and elements of systemic constellation: a very theatrical score that develops a strong dynamic and generates intense, touching (and often very funny) experiences.

The workshop program is still in evolution and will offer a platform to some renowned specialists of sexpositive work ( such as Deborah Sundahl for example) as well as many fresh artists and educators. More details will be announced in the weeks to come.

Welcome to our playground.

Felix Ruckert, April 2015

Photo: © Peter Hönnemann